Saturday, 15 September 2012

Small is lovely, but the more brains the better!

It would seem a few more people have now woken up and are taking interest in joining in. Welcome to Greg, Todd and Andi - all of whom are new to the Grower's Nation team today.

Now is the time to ask if you have anything to offer! There's plenty of work to go round - especially as we're not limiting ourselves to what can actually realistically be achieved in a weekend. The potential of Grower's Nation will only be realised if we have help from people keen to make a difference to the world, rather than their own bank balance.

We still need people with technical skills: coding, developing, java scripting, oh, and chocolate delivering. This list will grow!
Have a look at: for the weekend's aim's-Nation-challenge for our hackpad with more details.

Horticultural experts and agronomy scientists, we will need your help very soon to provide us with some of your pearls of wisdom.

Email us to join the Skype conversation

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